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mat master
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May 18, 2009
3:31 PM
Courtesy of SD Hot Beaches W/C.
Thanks for the info Luke.

Throughout the years the San Diego Hot Beaches has seen a fair share of athletes. Some of todays top level and up and coming athletes have roots in the club.

Original Roster

Othella Lucas- 3x College, 2x University National Champion, University of the Cumberlands, NYAC

Sharon Jacobsen- 2006 Senior National Champion, Gator W.C.

Jessica Jauck- 2005 USGWA National Champion, SDHB

Sheila McCabe- 2006 USGWA National Champion, Oklahoma City University, SDHB

Sandy Do- University of the Cumberlands, 2008 College National Champion

Michelle Ludwig- 2003 USAW Folkstyle National Champion, Pacific

Yesenia De La Mora- Granite Hills H.S.

Irene Proulx- Lassen

Carmen Martinez- SDSU, University City H.S.

My Loan Banh- SDSU, Crawford H.S.

Lydia Asghedom - Menlo, University City H.S.

Tiffany Guidolin- University City H.S.

Amy Caudillo- SDSU, Crawford H.S.

Yvonne Li- Mission Bay H.S.

Current H.S. Roster

Ariel Green- Sutter Union H.S aka Stupid University

Lauren Thomson- Cathederal Catholic H.S.

Irene Esquibel- Steele Canyon H.S.

Ashley Matthews - Canyon H.S. 2008 Cadet National Champion

Vanessa Trujillo - North H.S.

Kayla Matsuda - James Lick H.S.

Junette Caldera- Imperial H.S.

Destiny Palomata- Eastlake Middle

Desiree Malias- Eastlake Middle

Paloma Hebert- Steele Canyon H.S.

Tanzania Guest - Steele Canyon H.S.

Dakota Heisinger - Steele Canyon H.S.

Vanessa Kellems- Steele Canyon H.S.

Alexandra Savage - Mira Mesa H.S.

Beth Simmons - Granite Hills H.S.

Lena Stimpson- Steele Canyon H.S.

Reyna Reyes - Steele Canyon H.S.

Zuni Reyes- Steele Canyon H.S.

Abigail Pederson - Steele Canyon H.S.

Candace Dale - Steele Canyon H.S.

Diana Cramer- Steele Canyon H.S.

The Rest of the Best (in no particular order)

Moriah Fernandez- Live Oak H.S.

Priscilla Caldera- Imperial H.S.

Georgette Laman- Our Lady of Peace H.S.

Katrina Wilborn- Pacific University at Stockton, Helix H.S.

Christine Cunningham- Stanford, Torrey Pines H.S.

Krystal Kiyuna- University of the Cumberlands, Moanaloa H.S.

Christina Hernandez- Oceanside H.S.

Patricia Stroud- San Diego H.S.

Tara Williams- Granite Hills H.S.

Anai Novoa- UCSB, Hoover H.S.

Raven Sanchez- Holtville H.S.

Megan Agajanian- University of the Cumberlands, Louisville H.S.

Jade Anderson- Pacific University, Royal H.S.

Samantha Stych- Pacific University, Oxnard H.S.

Erin Wildman- Augora H.S.

Bernara Moore - South Hills H.S

Ashley Hahn - Mira Mesa H.S.

Dominique Hernandez- Mater Dei H.S.

Teri Milkoff- University of the Cumberlands, South El Monte H.S.

Monica Gonzalez - Hogan H.S.

Kurtisha Johnson- San Jose State, Crawford H.S.

Coral Luhnow- Granite Hills H.S.

Alexa Canazales- Lassen, Valhalla H.S.

Bethany Harris- University of the Cumberlands, Valley Center H.S., No Limit

Jennifer Germany- Missouri Valley, Eastlake H.S.

Damaris Barrios- Lassen, University City H.S.

Alicia Wilson- Minnesota/Morris, Santana H.S.

Madison Heummer- La Jolla H.S.

Victoria Piatt- University City H.S.

Amanda Reif- West Hills H.S.

Anne Decresecnte- University of the Cumberlands, West Hills H.S.

Katie Hark- West Hills H.S.

Sheri Buchanon- West Hills H.S.

Gabriella Hernandez- West Hills H.S.

Stacia Anderon- Ramona H.S.

Rochelle Williams- Mount Miguel H.S.

Eden Becker- Helix H.S.

Hanna Espedal- El Capitan H.S.

Nicole Labriola- Santana H.S.

Ericka Alonzo- Martin Luther King H.S.

Mera Paplanus- Bell Canyon

Leah Zavrid- Valhalla H.S.

Victoria Aiello- Ramona H.S.

Brandy Aust- Ramona H.S.

Mandie Fenton- Ramona H.S.

Kayla Chambers- Missouri Valley, Vintage H.S.

Danielle Robinson- University City H.S.

Still President of the Kenneth Jenkins Fan Club

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May 18, 2009
9:08 PM
I'm ashamed to see that my former school has so many people on that list.
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May 19, 2009
1:01 AM
"I'm ashamed to see that my former school has so many people on that list."

Good thing for you that nobody cares.
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May 19, 2009
6:45 AM
I couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer so I did what I have been trained to do, take action. I have started to teach wrestling to girls as part of our Physical Education program. Yesterday I had an all female class and we went over the basics and the potential is amazing. I was pleasantly surprised on how enthusiastic everyone was, asking good questions and working hard. A couple stayed after class and inquire about competing. I firmly belive there is a real future in girls wrestling and if more people would take time, we in the SD section could be the top section in the State for girls wrestling.

Semper Fi
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May 19, 2009
7:01 AM
I think that is the problem. If the girls in San Diego Section show more success that the boys it would make them look bad. That is why you have so many coming on and bashing the girls.

They have the same right and opportunity as the boys. It is a fact the girls aren't as strong or fast as the boys, but that isn't who they want to play with. They want to play with the girls. Find away and make it happen - who knows what doors might be open.
Just voicing my opinion.........
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May 19, 2009
7:33 AM
Marine- Great job promoting women's wrestling. I am sure you will find a niche in that area of the sport with your enthusiasm!
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May 19, 2009
7:38 AM
USMC Teacher - kudos to you for stepping up to the challenge. I'm from God's country in CA, where folks think outside the box and support all people and persuasions. Like gay marriage, girls wrestling has taken off in my home of Annapolis, and I couldn't be happier. If you need an assistant coach, give me a call. Semper Girls Wrestling!

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May 19, 2009
7:44 AM
Matslave, I agree completely with you that the boys are on here bashing because they feel threatened. I saw the same kind of behavior when I was in the Corps and it was not tolerated there, and I plan to continue to help the girls get better and then they can stand proud regardless of what the boys say.
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May 19, 2009
7:52 AM
Ha ha, that's funny titanfan, I can't tell who's funnier you or powaywrestling. You spend all that time blathering on and on going and then revert to 'bite me' at the end? You really want people to bite you?

And I don't know why you're so upset. I mean, the whole time you've been on here you're arguing against girls wrestling, going point by point with gwrestler, and then you just lie at the end and say 'but really I'm all for girls wrestling.' Then why do you argue against it so hard?

That's like a person spending all day arguing against the conservative point of view and getting offended when you call him a liberal.

But bite me, that's classic.

It's good that some of the more modern people in our wrestling society have shown up to quiet down the lawyerly soup that some of the people on here were trying to make. Girls wrestling is a good idea.
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May 19, 2009
8:29 AM
Matslave, I knew you had it in you! I agree with you 100%. Thank you for sticking up for the ladies. Its going to take a whole bunch of coaches like you to convert the unconverted to the belief that girls should be able to wrestle.

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May 19, 2009
5:39 PM
Ahhhh yeah... and what was the purpose of that last post?
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May 19, 2009
6:16 PM
It was to make sure no one ever comments on a controversial subject on a FORUM because it may be dredged up 4-5 years later! Notice that nothing very interesting gets posted after State?
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May 19, 2009
7:01 PM
Ha ha I like that!
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May 21, 2009
9:33 AM
I think it shows there are some peoples minds you can change and some you can't. Put your energy into growing the sport and its success will muffle the sounds of the ignorant.
Don Williams
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May 21, 2009
2:29 PM
Can't we all just get along? Group hug anyone?
1403 posts
May 21, 2009
8:27 PM
I'm in!
Just voicing my opinion.........
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May 22, 2009
5:56 PM
As much as I hate what Title IX has done to the sport at the collegiate level (and being the dad of a tough girls wrestler), after reading some of the attitudes, I still see why - while it should be adjusted - it is still needed in some form.
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May 22, 2009
9:36 PM
Mr. Gallan I couldnt agree more...
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Jun 01, 2009
9:13 AM
Of note there were a number of girls at this weekends SDWA event. Its good to see that the girls are coming out even in the post season.

Good luck to those going to Fresno!

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