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BIG NEWS for SD Wrestling !!!!!
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Jan 12, 2018
12:07 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen-

I would like to share some very exciting news concerning Wrestling in our section. In the effort to make our section great, we are going to consolidate our efforts under the banner of CA USA Wrestling. Instead of trying to operate 2 Associations in the same geographical area, we are now joining forces into one. This will eliminate fragmentation and give everyone the same goal of creating the best organization in the state of California, where our goal is to produce Wrestlers in big numbers who love the sport. These athletes can go on to be future state, NCAA, World, Olympic, and life champions. The World Championship won by the USA last year should have everyone fired up. Lets rethink our goals and strive to be the best!

What this means is the SDWA and SDIKWA are now the same organization. We will retain the name SDIKWA moving forward.This will for ALL ages during the Spring and Fall. The organization will combine different groups from San Diego under a more professional and better running model. People will have more opportunity to do what they are best at to help run a well oiled machine. It is an exciting time for SD Wrestling. Nothing should stay the same and this is a big move with big goals for the future.

The schedule for the Spring will be out next week. Anyone that wants to volunteer for the upcoming FS and GR season please let me know. If you want to learn more about the international styles please let me know.

Good luck this weekend and the rest of the season! Looking forward to growing Wrestling in all ways and specifically FS and GR this Spring!

Eric Pitts
FS/GR Director

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