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Feb 28, 2018
8:46 AM
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to coach Jaguar wrestler Sierra Mefford(9th), at the 4th Annual CIF-State Girls Wrestling Championships, held at the Visalia Convention Center, in Visalia, Ca. I have always been an advocate for girls wrestling, and this was my first trip to this event. I found the competitive nature at this year's state meet was far beyond all expectations. There were several first impressions that caught my attention. First was the venue, the organization, and the running of the tournament being top notch. The competitors were well conditioned and physically fit. The "girl strength" and flexibility for the competitors allowed for more variety in wrestling styles and maneuvers. Pins were more frequent and tears were openly displayed for successes and disappointments. Although the coaches were predominately male, there were several female coaches at mat side.

Off the mat, it was obvious you were at an event of highly motivated and competitive females. However, on the mat the "girly demeanor" disappears. The transition begins when the female put the head gear on, receives a few words of encouragement from the coach, and then she enters into the competition circle. A shake of the hands and then the grappling begins. For the next six minutes it is a demonstration of athleticism, skill, and strategies. It was obvious that these competitors had spent countless hours preparing and that their will to win was paramount. Only after the match has ended with a handshake and the head gear is removed, does “the girl” reappear.

This past weekend I witnessed the coming of age for girls' high school wrestling. Nearly 220 girls competed in the San Diego CIF Championships, of which only 24 would qualify for the state tournament. The California CIF-State Girls Wrestling tournament is the largest girls' tournament in the nation, which features over 350 competitors from all over the state. Presently, there are about 77 colleges that have women's wrestling programs, and many of those college coaches were at this year's state tournament recruiting athletes. So if you or your daughter is physically strong, a bit rough around the edges, and is a fierce competitor, you might want to consider girls wrestling.

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