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Spring Week #2 Progress- PLEASE READ!
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Apr 15, 2018
6:27 PM
After 2 weeks, the Freestyle and Greco season is showing great progress. We have a long way to go, but good things are happening. I would like to discuss the idea of what I call “Investing in your Wrestling Community.” I have started to see new many new people on board and participating. These are newbie coaches as well as the coaches and athletes from the current top performing SD teams. Those top teams didn’t always show a great commitment in this area, but now are investing greatly and doing their part.

Remember, WE ARE A COMMUNITY. It is normal to want to kick each other’s butts during the winter season, but now let’s all get better. It is evident that the best Wrestlers in the nation compete in FS and GR. The ones that do not will continue to be flawed wrestlers that will not succeed at the highest levels. As I have stated in the past, we have not had one individual in the last 13 graduating classes place in the NCAA (D1), or high at the US Open, or threaten to make any Sr. National/World Team. We can do better. Everyone needs to INVEST IN THE COMMUNITY to do so. This will raise everyone’s levels, while making the Section’s best teams achieve heights they have not yet seen. But, the goals should be HIGH. National and World level HIGH. We need to create an environment that gives kids a chance to achieve at the highest levels when they leave. As a new Dad, it is alarming to me that the current stats show that no Wrestler can come out of our section and win at the highest level. We need to change that. I do not think it will take that much more work. It just takes a commitment to making OUR thing better. The answer shouldn’t have to be traveling out of the area to get better. IRON SHARPENS IRON. Let’s get better here.
Great things that are happening right now:
1. Many new clubs welcoming athletes from all schools focusing on FS and GR with high level coaching.
2. Big spread of HS programs at first 2 events.
3. Regional Greco practices EVERY WED. for all members taught by top coaches. These are at San Marcos HS and Helix HS.
4. Sections best Wrestlers coming out to compete to represent us at the State Duals.
5. SDIKWA and SDWA working together. The best strengths of each groups working to improve.
6. The Dual Team has a CULTURE of winning and desire to be involved.
7. Free tournaments for female athletes to encourage growth.

Things we need to do to invest:

1. Participate in all local events. There are only 4 tourneys total and 2 left. Other opportunities will be available in Temecula, etc. when there is no tourney.
2. Volunteer to referee and help as side judges at tournaments.
3. Drive kids to events.
4. Bring large groups to STATE AND NATIONAL LEVEL TOURNAMENTS to represent us and bring what is learned back.
5. All coaches need to strongly encourage KIDS Wrestlers to compete along with the larger group of HS kids competing.
6. Take an OPEN/GROWTH Mindset toward FS and GR. It is not really that difficult and it greatly improves flaws.
7. Active encouragement of Female athletes.

Thanks to everyone who has invested so far! Let’s blow this thing up and make San Diego Great Again like the Steve Neals, J Robs, Quincey Clarks, Halsey boyz, Schavriens, etc. We have produced these guys in the past we can do it again. And the ones that don’t get there will still be pretty darn amazing!!

This was copied and pasted sorry if a bit off!!

Any and all suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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