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Super Scrimmage-Sat. 5/26 9am-Poway HS
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May 21, 2018
9:20 AM
This weekend we are having the “Super Scrimmage” at Poway HS. Start time will be 9:00 am. Basically this will consist of live refereed matches and possibly some situational work depending on turn out/needs. There will be no weigh ins or brackets, etc., just finding a partner to scrap against. We will get a good warm up in, and then go. Coaches will be around to discuss or work on tactics. The styles will be Free and Greco. USA Card needed. NO COST!

The #1 goal of this is to get HS wrestlers ready for Greco State and Kids ready for Freestyle state. Both are the next weekend. Please find a way to get as many kids up to Fresno to compete!

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