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2018-2019 SDSCWAY Upcoming Season
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Aug 17, 2018
9:02 PM
San Diego,
We hope that the summer months allowed for you all to recharge and get ready for the excitement the upcoming wrestling season will bring. In an effort to provide additional wrestling opportunities San Diego SCWAY will be making a few changes.

- The first change we are excited to announce is the addition of Rod Jones as the new Zone Coordinator for San Diego SCWAY. Rod Jones brings with him a wealth of knowledge and the zeal that will most certainly add to the well-respected culture of the San Diego wrestling community.

- The second major change we have made is to focus on hosting San Diego SCWAY tournaments on Saturdays. We expect this will allow most of the clubs multiple opportunities to compete within any given weekend.

- Additional changes will be posted as they develop, Rod Jones has many ideas that we plan on implementing. Please ensure to congratulate Rod on his new appointment, if you wish to contact our Zone Coordinator the information can be found below.

Zone Coordinator:
Rod Jones

Zone Director
Sergio Enloe
(951) 816-7891

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