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Paradise High School (Fire)
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Dec 13, 2018
3:44 PM
Saw this on The California Forum and figured I'd share it here.

It was shared with one of our parents that the Paradise High Wrestling team lost their mats in the fire. He decided to start a gofundme page. Please see below:

Hey gang.

Got word that this team’s mats burnt in bungalow storage in all the devastation. Decided to make this my holiday thing. These kids need something else to think about while trying to deal with the tragedy....wrestling is what they need right now.

Would appreciate it if you could click the link and drop a little chunk in the bucket in this GoFundMe will go to the Paradise Wrestling Alumni association.....and please forward this to places on the internet where wrestling families and other families can see it. Happy holidays everyone.

Thank you so much.

Joe Ming

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