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Rankings 1/27/19
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Jan 27, 2019
8:17 PM
1. Gonzalez Pow
2. Beato RB
3. Galbiso Imp
4. Moreno Braw

1. Bobzien Pow
2. Demers MD
3. G.Concepcion RB
4. Chau MM

1. Sauriol Pow
2. Velasco MM
3. Aguirre Oc
4. B.Concepcion RB

1. Miranda Pow
2. Ching MD
3. Levine MC
4. Figueroa MarV

1. Hallmark SR
2. Stoddard Pow
3. Gurule-Metzi HT
4. Rizzo RB

1. Le RB
2. Navida SM
3. Vale Pow
4. Guiterrez Braw

1. Abas RB
2. Ramsthaler Ram
3. Hendrix LCC
4. Hart Imp

1. Gandara Pow
2. Badgett RB
3. Yambao SM
4. Baker LCC

1. A.Hernandez Pow
2. Ortiz Imp
3. Zidarevich RB
4. Abad MC

1. I.Hernandez Pow
2. Lipscomb SC
3. Smith Braw
4. Houri LCC

1. Jovero RB
2. Curtis LCC
3. Pease Pow
4. Burwell MC

1. Hansen Oc
2. Gilmour Pow
3. Thomas TP
4. Blanchard RB

1. Watson MC
2. Geffroy Pow
3. Jovero MH
4. Miller Vis

1. Johnson Pow
2. Castro Oly
3. Toten Holt
4. Schmidt MV

Best Wrestlers
1. Abas
2. Gandara
3. Le
4. Miranda
5. Badgett

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Jan 28, 2019
11:32 AM
Thank you NCountyEyes for the rankings this season. The activity level on this forum seems to be decreasing every year but your work on the rankings is greatly appreciated.

Still some wrestling to go before State. I will not be attending this year as I don't care for the new three day format.

How many medals will SD section win this year? Looks like Poway has a good shot at 6 or so and RB has 4 highly ranked state wrestlers. Can any other SD section schools get a placer? LCC and Ramona each appear to have strong shot.

Always looking for more but 12 medals for the section would be a good result and I think keep on pace to retain 4 qualifiers for the section. Good luck to all the teams and wrestlers!
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Jan 28, 2019
1:22 PM
The forums are definitely not as active as they used to be. Sad state of affairs.

I had RB projected for maybe 5 this year, but it looks like they've had a line-up change. NCountyEyes, you used Lavigne ranked for RB at 115. Is he out for the season?
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Jan 28, 2019
10:24 PM
I too remember more lively discussions in earlier times. Maybe tough moderators? Or maybe people dont know about this forum. Many good topics on the california forum. This could be just as good locally. Used to be at one time. Anybody remember San Diego Grappler or sdgrappler. Too bad thats not up anymore.

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Jan 29, 2019
8:43 AM
Wrestling forums are an antiquated way of communicating about the sport. I enjoy them but most have moved on to other platforms. still gets decent traffic but is way slower than 10-15 years ago, similar to

On top of that Wrestling is on the ropes here in SD. Popularity and hoopla is way down. 15 years from now most of the old timers that have kept their programs alive will be gone and the talent pool to fill their spots is slim.
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Jan 29, 2019
11:54 AM
This seems to be the truth Illifornia
Just voicing my opinion.........
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Jan 29, 2019
12:59 PM
Matslave and illifornia...those are names i used to see often here. I guess you are right. Maybe the forums are a bit antiquated. It is a shame. I dont kmow if i agree about wrestling being on the ropes here in San Diego. We were able to get another qualifier to state. Maybe i am in my own little world then. The world of phone calls instead of texts, fax machines instead of pdf files,, and cassette tapes instead of download music. Maybe now I have to admit i am old.
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Feb 13, 2019
12:51 PM
Anyway we can update SDS rankings before Masters or should we just wait for the seeding?
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Feb 13, 2019
10:36 PM
Aww the good ole days...

134s looks a little wonky to me.

Stoddard beat Hallmark on Saturday at D2 CIF, and Gurul-Metzi took a low place at D2 as well. Everyone has bad days, but a 7th's gotta hurt your Masters ranking.

I'd say
Stoddard PWY
Hallmark SR
Rizzo RB
Cardenas STC

seems reasonable for thee holy rankings
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Feb 14, 2019
1:10 PM
Also, Ching from Mater Dei (ranked 2 at 128) did not weigh in at CIF nor did Lipscomb STC (#2 @ 170)
Pease from Poway (#3 @ 184) lost to Satberry from Granite Hills who then lost to Ramirez from Escondido.

I'd keep my eye on either of those 2 at 184
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Feb 14, 2019
1:22 PM
Let's wax eloquently about the sad state of the Valhalla forum, but you old wrestling nerds have to obsess a little harder over these brackets and fight each other over opinions like there is an objectively correct answer.

Look at you! Getting along cordially, ranking kids at the wrong weight, congratulating yourselves for still posting, not-getting-triggered?!...

Where's the brash young wrestlers trying to demand their respect?

Where are the old timers talking about other old timers?

Where are the dads hyping up their kids while pretending not to be their kid's dad?

We should be TYPING IN ALL CAPS about sportsmanship and speculating about finals match ups.

Can I get some HighHipsLowTrips drama over here?

You all make me sick...
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Feb 14, 2019
2:35 PM
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Feb 17, 2019
8:53 AM
Don't mean to brag, OK I am, but was 14 for 14 on Masters Champs above. Thoughts on Masters:
1. Poway lightweights (108 - 128) were dominant. All capable of State medals.
2. Good to see small school Hallmark come out on top. Good scrambler and leg rider.
3. Le very, very good.
4. Abas on another planet.
5. Gandarra/Badgett match worth price of admission. Was looking forward to this match and didn't let me down.
6. Hernandez brothers are tough guys.
7. The other match I was looking forward to was 184. Was shocked Jovero won 11-0 over #5 in State. Kid is a beast.
8. Two really solid heavyweights.

Best of luck at State to all. Predicting 12 medalists.
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Feb 17, 2019
11:33 AM
Congrats to Noah Rubb, 2nd place at 174. He is the only wrestler at Maranatha Christian and the first wrestler to ever qualify for state from his school. I heard RB lets him practice with them. Zidarevich from RB only lost to Rubb and took third. So congrats to RB for the sportsmanship as well.

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