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Girls CIF: Takeaways and Final Results
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Unleash The Beast
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Feb 04, 2019
7:35 AM
This past weekend Girls CIF was held at Brawley HS. From beginning to end, Girls CIF was an amazing tournament hosted by an unbelievable community of people that truly know how to treat guests that come to their house. A huge thank you to everyone associated with Brawley HS! An even bigger congratulations to those who qualified for Girls CIF State!

For me, Girls CIF was the culmination of a season of learning about Girls Wrestling in the San Diego Section. I became the Girls Wrestling Coach at Mater Dei Catholic this season because the hard work and determination of one girl inspired me to step forward and be her advocate. My position with CA USA Wrestling/SDIKWA led me to being assigned the project of learning about & growing Girls Wrestling in the San Diego Section. I appreciate the patience everyone has displayed with me as I’ve asked a 1,000 questions throughout the entire season.

It is my belief Girls Wrestling in the San Diego Section is on the cusp of an unbelievable breakout in growth. This is going to happen through an influx of financial and facility resources, coaches creating synergy through teamwork, exposure to year-round training, local camps, and army of young women wrestlers who absolutely LOVE wrestling, and who have been working hard & patiently waiting for their opportunity to shine. They’re ready!!! Their time is now!!!

My commitment to this entire section is this one season involved in Girls Wrestling will not be my last! This is only the beginning. Through CA USA Wrestling/SDIKWA I am putting together the 1st ever San Diego Section Dual Association Team. This team will be sponsored, already has its own logo, will have its own gear and it’s own identity. The coaching staff is being put together and designated Girls Training Centers are already confirmed. Whether a Girl makes the Association Team or not, I would like them ALL supporting the effort. On March 23rd, CA USA Wrestling/SDIKWA will kick off the 1st ever Girls Spring League for Freestyle/Greco.


The vision is to have every Girl in this section participate in the league, wrestle the entire offseason at their home school or a designated Girls Training Center, attend camps, compete in Pre-season tournaments that matter and have everyone primed to take San Diego Girls Wreslting to a whole other level beginning the 2019-2020 season. If anyone knows of a Girl Wrestler that can’t participate/compete because of financial reasons, contact me directly and I’ll make sure that Girl Wrestler has everything she needs to stay on the mat! I welcome all suggestions and financial donations that will build, promote & strengthen Girls Wrestling in the San Diego Section.

SDIKWA is a 501(c)3 Non-profit. Any donations made on behalf of Girls Wrestling can be tax deductible. All dontations will be earmarked with every penny going directly to Girls Wrestling!


Kindest regards,

Christopher Ching
Mater Dei Catholic HS Wrestling
UTB Wrestling
(858) 784-1884

Girls CIF Final Results

1st Place - Karen Salais of Calexico
2nd Place - Carla Leon of San Diego
3rd Place - Victoria Urquiza of University City
4th Place - Karina Juarez of Olympian
5th Place - Jailynn Lopez of Brawley
6th Place - Karina Santos of Westview

1st Place - Yesenia Marin Deguire of Olympian
2nd Place - Berlin Kiddoo of Ramona
3rd Place - Emily Sway of Torrey Pines
4th Place - Luz Mercado of Eastlake
5th Place - Kailey Smith of Granite Hills
6th Place - Rachel Hernandez of Valley Center

1st Place - Savannah Kiddoo of Ramona
2nd Place - Ana Mercado of Eastlake
3rd Place - Sandy Luevano of San Ysidro
4th Place - Candee Nunez of Granite Hills
5th Place - Kayleen Segovia of Hilltop
6th Place - Allyson Byus of West Hills

1st Place - Victoria Bjork of Westview
2nd Place - Toren Dunbar of Steele Canyon
3rd Place - Alexa Rosales of San Ysidro
4th Place - Katiana Carrillo of Eastlake
5th Place - Nyah Smallwood of Brawley
6th Place - Yazmin Castaneda of Valley Center

1st Place - Ariah Barragan of Imperial
2nd Place - Cora Johnson-Woessner of La Costa Canyon
3rd Place - Anya Rodriguez of Mar Vista
4th Place - Anahlia Flores of Montgomery
5th Place - Jalissa Alvarez of Brawley
6th Place - Isabella Schutz of San Pasqual

1st Place - Anne-Marie Maskalenko of Clairemont
2nd Place - Amber Plasencia of Madison
3rd Place - Desirae Ferguson of San Ysidro
4th Place - Mary Cincotta of Mar Vista
5th Place - Carli Bridges of San Pasqual
6th Place - Aranza Rivera of Mater Dei Catholic

1st Place - Phonisha Pruitt of Lincoln
2nd Place - Nahdia Barrientos of Hilltop
3rd Place - Desiree Jones of Valley Center
4th Place - Katrina Cullens of El Camino
5th Place - Neangnuom Chem of Mar Vista
6th Place - Kayley Garcia of Vista

1st Place - Jadyn Jardon of Brawley
2nd Place - Esmeralda Santiago of San Pasqual
3rd Place - Leilani Pompa of Montgomery
4th Place - Brianna Schultz of Steele Canyon
5th Place - Kyrra Young of Valley Center
6th Place - Kyla Pattillo of Mira Mesa

1st Place - Annabelle He of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place - Trinity Sanchez of Mira Mesa
3rd Place - Rana Willink of Pt Loma
4th Place - Andrea Orosco of Steele Canyon
5th Place - Dylan Jardon of Brawley

1st Place - Maddie Konopka of La Costa Canyon
2nd Place - Savannah Mefford of Valley Center
3rd Place - Cassandra Betancourt of Rancho Buena Vista
4th Place - Diane Baker of West Hills
5th Place - Elena Contreras of Otay Ranch
6th Place - Melani Perales of Hilltop

1st Place - Sierra Mefford of Valley Center
2nd Place - Brooke Klomp of Eastlake
3rd Place - Belen Merino of San Pasqual
4th Place - Kayla Urrea of Hilltop
5th Place - Allie Garcia of Brawley
6th Place - Kamaria Davis of El Camino

1st Place - Paulina Jimenez of Serra
2nd Place - Jasmin Ballesteros of Montgomery
3rd Place - Miricle Barra of Brawley
4th Place - Chloe Rabe of Central Union
5th Place - Cassandra Wright of Escondido
6th Place - Aunica Vargas of Olympian

1st Place - Madelyn Navarro of El Camino
2nd Place - Aylin Salas of Otay Ranch
3rd Place - Perla Ramirez of Escondido
4th Place - Chelsea Kuntz of Clairemont
5th Place - Kathlyn Nelson of Valley Center
6th Place - Jordan Crosson of Brawley

1st Place - Kerri Gordon of Mt Miguel
2nd Place - Aislinn Hernandez of Brawley
3rd Place - Cindy Zamarripa of Mission Hills
4th Place - Valeria Rocha of El Cajon Valley
5th Place - Catalina Yanez of Clairemont
6th Place - Angelina Leal of Olympian

Team Results: Top 10

1 Brawley 183
2 Valley Center. 146
3 Eastlake 98
4 San Pasqual 97.5
5 Olympian 95
6 Hilltop 85
7 Clairemont 79
8 Steele Canyon. 71
9 Mar Vista 70
10 San Ysidro 64

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