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Spring FS/GR info
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Feb 18, 2019
9:03 PM
Just wanted to get the spring schedule out there for Freestyle and Greco for San Diego. All of the events are going to be at a somewhat central location every week. This will create structure and routine. All the events will take place at Del Norte High School.

I have stepped down of all leadership for San Diego Wrestling. Truth be told I loathe running tournaments to the absolute fullest. The only reason I ever wanted to volunteer is because there was no one else, and I didn't want to see it die. The SDIKWA folks run events WAY better and are way more professional. During the last 5 years or so we have seen things trend in the right direction on the FS/GR side. Better participation, better clubs, great State Dual Team finishes, etc. We have not even scratched the surface on how many awesome things and ideas that could be implemented

REFEREES ARE NEEDED, please volunteer!

All info for the Spring can be found at:

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