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Feb 25, 2019
7:40 PM
I am going to be meeting with a middle school principal to discuss starting up a middle school wrestling program. He is open to the prospect and he and I have worked together before, so I think there’s a real good opportunity here. What I want to know is how other local middle schools are getting it done. If you can answer my questions below or offer any tips, that would be much appreciated

1. Is there an organized middle school season for folk style wrestling in San Diego?

2. What insurance do the middle schools use (USA, cway, etc?)

3. If you’ve done this before, what are the main obstacles to getting a program at this level initiated?
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Mar 02, 2019
8:27 AM
SDIKWA (San Diego Imperial Kids Wrestling Association) is the local wrestling association under California USA Wrestling & USA Wrestling. We host tournaments year-round for ages K-12 in all styles of wrestling (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco Roman).

All info can be found on our website: www.sdikwa.org

Feel free to contact any of the Board Members listed on the site to get more information on starting your Middle School Program.
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Apr 14, 2021
11:59 PM
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