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Unleash The Beast
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Mar 31, 2019
2:54 PM
With the support of USA Wrestling & SDIKWA, myself and an already assembled staff of coaches are putting together the 1st ever SDIKWA Girls HS Association Dual Team. I am very happy to announce that Ray Leon from Brawley HS will be the Head Coach! The Association Dual will take place 5/17/19 through 5/19/19 in Fresno, CA. The SDIKWA Dual Team will compete against other CIF Sections throughout CA in 2 different styles: Freestyle and Folkstyle. I want to emphasize the Association Duals are not sanctioned through CIF but rather through USA Wrestling, and any mention of “CIF” or its Sections is only to assemble CA teams by using CIF geographic boundaries as reference points.

We are looking to fill all 14 weights and some alternates to travel & compete. If CAUSA Wrestling allows for a full 2nd Dual Team and there’s enough interested Girls in our section, I will do everything I can to make that a reality as well. The goals of emailing SDS CIF Coaches are to make the selection process as transparent as possible, putting together the best team(s) to represent our section while also creating a conduit for contacting interested wrestlers. I need the help of this section’s coaches to contact Girls on your team that you feel have either EARNED a spot on the Association Dual Team through their Girls CIF placement or Girls who you strongly feel warrant consideration. If you have an interested wrestler on your team, I need you or their parent/guardian to contact me so that we can begin assembling the roster. If you have a CIF Champion on your team but I hear nothing back about them wanting to be on the Association Team, they will be considered as not interested in participating. The goal is to finalize all roster spots by May 1st. I will post finalized roster spots on the Valhalla Forum as they become filled. Same with availability of alternate spots and a 2nd Dual Team if that comes to fruition. Again, I need everyone’s help in making this great opportunity to showcase our section’s Girl Wrestlers happen!

The 1st criteria for selection will be to allow all CIF Champions 1st right of refusal for their spot in the lineup. This year’s CIF placement 1-6 is already established. If the CIF Champ is not interested in participating, 2nd Place finishers will be offered the spot. We all understand that wrestlers this time of year are not at the weight they wrestled through the CIF Postseason so there may be some scrambling to fill some lineup spots and some shifting around to make the best possible lineup(s). Not placing 1-6 @ Girls CIF does not necessarily exclude someone from participating so please keep that in mind as well when you are considering someone from your team.

Finally, one of the Duals will be wrestled in Freestyle. A lot of wrestlers in this section have never competed in Freestyle. If this is the case for a wrestler and that wrestler wants to be on the Association Dual Team, I strongly suggest that wrestler compete in a Freestyle practice & tournament prior to May 17. There is OCWA on 4/6, CAUSA Freestyle & Greco State on 4/13, SDIKWA @ Poway on 4/20, 5/4 & 5/11. Remember, all girls wrestle for FREE @ SDIKWA so there are many opportunities to learn! If anyone has questions and/or suggestions, please email, text or call me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Christopher Ching,
Treasurer and Secretary
(858) 784-1884

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