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Apr 15, 2019
8:43 AM
Results from this weekend in Fresno. Sorry if missed anyone.
106 Lam Pow 6th
113 Gonzales Pow 1st
120 Lopez Pow 2nd
120 McGruder Pow 4th
145 Navarro Vis 6th
145 Guitierrez Braw 7th
170 Carillo Braw 5th
182 Pease Pow 2nd
195 Jovero RB 1st

120 Lavigne RB 3rd
126 Miranda Pow 1st
126 Burns Pow 6th
138 Stoddard Pow 5th
145 Le RB 1st
152 Abas RB 1st
160 Badgett RB 3rd
160 Ortiz Imp 7th
170 A.Hernandez Pow 2nd
170 I.Hernandez Pow 3rd
170 Smith Braw 5th
170 Zidarevich RB 7th

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