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Greatest Orange Glen High School Wrestler
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Jun 15, 2021
3:03 PM
(This is a repost that was deleted) Matfan posted this 2008: Most accomplished Orange Glen wrestler would have to be Dennis Zabinsky: Masters Champ 1972 @ 168lb. and 1973 @ 178lb. and placing 4th at state in '73, the highest finish for O.G. Later Zabinsky would be a successful coach for O.G. and lead them to 3 CIF runner-up finishes in 1982, '84, and '85. Other O.G. wrestlers: MASTERS CHAMPS: 1971-Tom Silsby (HWT) 1973-Warren Nikulus (157) 1975-Ted Overmire (98) 1975-Ed Dilbeck (106) 1976-Child (141) 1986-Doug Gann (HWT) 1989-Dan Stehly (194) 1990-Eric Johnson (hwt) 1993-Tom Stehly (171) STATE PLACERS: Nikulus 5th / Overmire 6th / Johnson 7th. Reposted Ed.D 2011: I just found this blog and feel the need to "weigh in", pun intended. I wrestled with most of the athletes mentioned here so my representation should be somewhat credible. If we are just using high school results while attending Orange Glen, there is no doubt Dennis Zabinsky should be recognized as the best. His 4th place finish at high school state, the highest ever for a Patriot, and the fact that he returned to his alma mater as Head Coach and put up some great results is also a significant factor for him to receive recognition as Orange Glen High School's best ever. Dennis was also a class act at all times and a positive influence on the underclassmen, including me.

If the discussion involves performance past high school to include community college and NCAA wrestling, there are several Orange Glen wrestlers who can make claims to the best. Warren Nikuls and I both won the California Community College State Championships and Tad Overmire received All American honors. Tad went on to Cal Poly University while I went to University of Utah. Tad qualified for the nationals one year for Cal Poly and I qualified once with the University of Utah and once with Weber State University. Factor in the challenges Tad had to overcome in his personal life to achieve these goals and I readily concede he should be awarded the best wrestler from Orange Glen High School if post high school results are also considered.

But for those of us in the know, we all take a back seat to the best wrestler ever to consistently walk the halls of Orange Glen High School, this being John Woods. Go to http://www.wrestlingusa.com/003%20wusa%20web%20root/wusahalloffame/Div2halloffame/div2halloffame1998.html
to read his incredible resume. Coach Wood's records speak for themselves but the more important stats are all the lives he changed and influenced in such a positive manner. He is a "Hall of Famer" in each of our lives. Yes my friends, this is a true hero and Patriot!

Ed Dilbeck

Reposted 2/2020 Ed.D My long time friend Tad Overmire and workout partner, teammate for five years and best wrestler ever at Orange Glen High School passed from pneumonia December 22 of last year. He had a lot of challenges throughout his life but was always there when someone was in need. He was both unselfish and charitable and a teammate that would make sure the wrestlers in the weight classes above him were motivated and pumped to go. He was at the lowest weight division so this was the entire team! I am just glad he was a weight class lower and I always had a weight and height advantage. He had a late growth spurt after high school and passed me in both categories. All through the years we never injured each other but an older upper class man, a touted Freshman and opponents were going to feel the wrath. Tad pinned an incredible percentage of opponents but always after he had thrashed them a bit and they really did not want any more of it. He made a lot of people look like fish! (Is that term even used anymore?) He always reflected on his teammate Jimmy Hamada who passed while they were teammates at Palomar College. I know this weighed heavy in his life as Jimmy was like family to all of his teammates. I could feel Tad's pain when he spoke of him. I just came across the Hamada Tournament and I know that Tad would feel great about that. The three coaches who molded Tad into a great wrestler and appreciated his talent were Coach Mark Karges at Orange Glen High School, Coach John Woods at Orange Glen two years and Palomar College two years and Coach Vaughan Hitchcock at Cal Poly. There is no doubt their influence and support were huge and motivating in his life. One forgettable experience I had with Tad was he couldn't stop talking about his teammate Gary Fischer at Cal Poly and how good he was. Coach Woods while at Palomar decides we are going to stop in and practice with Cal Poly on the way to a dual match further north. That was not a pleasant experience and my first thought was Tad gave him a full report what to look for. I got schooled! At the end of that year I won the State JC so it was a humbling experience and I don't recall ever forgiving Tad for that move, pun intended. Tad excelled in school with his photographic memory. I remember more than once taking a glance over when taking tests. He was Freshman Class President and always on the honor roll. He had taken tests just before high school and scored in the genius category, which was no surprise. Tad was a true Christian and always knew he was going to a better place. He will have a lot of family and friends who will embrace him again. He was always talking about his family and their accomplishments. For privacy sake I won't go into detail about his family but I knew them all and the love for each other was obvious. God Bless you Tad and I might forgive you for the Cal Poly stunt but it won't be anytime soon! Love you brother.

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