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Dec 10, 2004
8:40 AM
I am looking for help from other coaches on how to get football players to come out for the wrestling team. I have talked with our football coaching staff for several years with no results. They still tell kids to get into the weight room and think football only. How can you build a program with this negative effect?

I need some help I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. The bad thing about it we could have such a great team in football and wrestling if they would work with us.
Dec 10, 2004
8:43 AM
Get a feeder program at your school..Kids Wrestling Program
Thats a start!!!
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Dec 10, 2004
9:49 AM
That's a great questions. One that most schools face in some way shape or form. Here are some insights from our school and what we have done.

In the past we have actively recruited among our football team and had quite good success at the freshman level. However, we find that they are forced to choose once they reach the JV or Varsity level and all too often the choice is football. Another problem we have is that some football coaches (although our current one does not have this) have made off season practices mandatory, thus they will have to do lifting, passing league, spring ball and sumemrball instead of freestylwe etc.

Now we focus on athletes that want to wrestle and are willing to put in the time to be successful. We never require that they do offseason to be a part of our team. We would rather have an average athlete who is focused and willing to put in the extra time than the super stars who put in less time do to other commitments.

Some things we do:

1) We make it fun! There is no reason why hard work can't be fun. I don't apologize for kids willing to work year round and coimpete in only wrestling. We take the kids paintballing, snowboarding etc. in the offseason. The kids become a family and enjoy being with each other.

2) Parents buy into our philosophy and what coach Branstetter stands for. At our school they have seen head coaches come and go in football and other sports. At Poway we have had a core group of coaches for quite some time. This provides stability and great role models for young men. Parents see this and want their son to be a part of it. They are willing to help run tournaments, drive places, etc.

3) We win! Everybody loves to win and high school kids are no exception.

I'm sure there are many other reason and I also know that some schools are successful recruiting football players and sharing athletes, etc. I just wanted to give my two cents as to what makes us who we are.

Best of luck this season to everyone!

Coach Hanover
Dec 10, 2004
10:08 AM
Coach Hanover,

I agree with much of what your said. Especially about making wrestling fun. I love the paintballing idea!
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Apr 13, 2021
10:26 PM
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